Last Updated: March 18, 2021
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How to Make Gold Coins Quickly in the Wonder Woman Event

The easiest ways to make coins fast!

January 4th, 2021

You can get Wonder Woman items by playing and completing quests in Wonder Woman: The Themyscira Experience to earn gold coins. Here are some of the best ways to earn gold coins.

How to Get Gold Coins Quickly

Of all the activities in the Wonder Woman Event, the best ways by far to earn gold coins are Repeatable Quests and Mini Games. We have a complete list of those here, but read on for details on exactly which ones have the highest earning potential.

Note: Find a list of all normal quests, quest-related NPCs, the quests they're involved in, and their locations on the normal quests page. You can also find a list of all the main locations, along with other basic info including shops and items on the main event page.

Food Fight Mini Game

Food Fight Mini Game image

The Food Fight Mini Game is full of high-paying quests, and it can be pretty fun to play as well.

Basically just by playing the game over and over you will eventually complete the quests and earn lots of Gold Coins.

Note: This method does still take some time--Each Food Fight match takes 5 minutes with a 1-minute rest period in between, which means completing the Food Fight Part 04 repeatable quest just once will take around 45 minutes--But if you enjoy playing the Food Fight Mini Game, this can be a fun way to get lots of cash! Plus if you have good aim it may not take you that long to complete the Food Fight Challenge Parts 01-04 normal quests for a total of 6,400 Gold Coins!

The important thing is to know when to exit and reset the quests as needed. Here's How:

  1. Go to the Food Fight Mini Game which is located behind the Council Temple, up the stairs on the left side.
  2. Talk to the NPC named Trina to Open the Food Fight Portal (This is a normal quest in itself!).
  3. Talk to Trina again to trigger the Food Fight Part 01 quest.
  4. Talk to Stacey on the other side of the portal to trigger the Food Fight Challenge Part 01 quest.
  5. Go into the Food Fight portal and play exactly one round. If possible, try to successfully hit an enemy at least 5 times during that round.
  6. Exit the Food Fight Mini Game and talk to both NPCs again; Assuming you completed the previous instructions, Trina will trigger the next Food Fight quest and Stacey will trigger the next Food Fight Challenge quest.
  7. Go back into the Food Fight Mini Game and this time play three rounds, as per the Food Fight Part 02 instructions. Also do your best to hit at least 20 enemies so you also complete a Food Fight Challenge Part 02 quest.
  8. Continue in this way, always exiting the Food Fight Mini Game once you've completed the correct number of rounds. Food Fight Part 04 is repeatable, so at that point just exit to reset the quest every 7 rounds.
  9. Each time you repeat Food Fight Part 04 you'll get 750 Gold Coins. On top of that each time you complete one of the Food Fight Challenge quests you'll get those rewards as well, which total 6,400 on their own!

Lost Treasures Quest

Lost Treasures Quest image

Some repeatable quests make much more money than the rest, and one of those is Lost Treasures Part 4. This quest will give you 1,000 Gold Coins each time you complete it, which is a lot more than most other repeatable quests!

Here are some quick instructions to get going with it right away:

  1. Head straight to the Armory and begin the Get Shovel special quests line Parts 1-3.
  2. Once you've got the shovel, go straight to the Lost Treasures normal quest line and begin Parts 1-3.
  3. Once you complete both of these quest lines, you'll unlock the repeatable quest Lost Treasures Part 4 which rewards you with 1,000 Gold Coins each time you complete it!
    Note 1: The treasures for this quest do not respawn very frequently so one way to do this somewhat painlessly is to zoom all the way out and get a bird's eye view so that you can see as much of the area as possible (see an example in the picture above). Then just wait around until you see a red X appear and try to get to it before someone else does!
  4. You can also increase your earnings by completing other repeatable quests while you wait for new red Xs to respawn, but this requires a little extra work upfront. Two that tend to have a lot of red Xs nearby are Kill More Corrupted Rats, which requires the Sword so you can you kill 25 rats for 100 GC, and Might Crystals Part 04, which requires the Upgraded Pickaxe so you can mine 25 crystals for 600 GC. Find more info on both of these quests on the Special Quests and Mini Games page.

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