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Last Updated: September 2021
Survive The Killer image

Survive The Killer Codes

All Survive The Killer Codes in an updated list. In Survive the Killer, you play as a survivor or killer. Survivors hide from the killer and try to escape together. The killer kills as many players as they can before they escape.

How To Redeem Survive The Killer Codes

Click the Codes button with the Twitter icon that is near the bottom. Enter code in the pop-up window and click REDEEM.

How to redeem Survive The Killer codes

If we listed a code wrong please let us know.

Codes are not case-sensitive.

Jumping Bug SlycerWorking9/13/21
700M SlycerWorking8/13/21
Slyce of Pride KnifeWorking7/4/21
Lucky Carver KnifeExpired3/18/21
Heartbreaker Knife (if you already grabbed this item last year, this code may not work)Expired2/11/21


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