Last Updated: May 02, 2022
How to Find the Honourees in the Roblox Song Breaker Awards image

How to Find the Honourees in the Roblox Song Breaker Awards

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April 30th, 2022

In order to unlock the (Gold) Blue Yeti Shoulder Microphone - Logitech you'll need to find all 10 Honourees spread around the map in the Logitech Song Breaker Awards Roblox event.

In this article we'll help you get started to find some of them. We will add more as time passes to check back if you're still having trouble!

You can track how many Honourees you've found by looking at the pictures along the top of the screen. We will give these locations to you in an efficient order for making your way through the map, which will be a different order than where they appear at the top of your screen. The order on the screen changes each time you login, so the best way to keep track of which ones you've found and which ones you need is to remember their names.

All Honourees:

  1. Dreya Mac
  2. Noah Beck
  3. David Voo
  4. Tracy Joseph
  5. Walker Hayes
  6. J
  7. Juucy J
  8. Cost N' Mayor
  9. Vano 3000
  10. GAYLE

Game Link: Logitech Song Breaker Awards

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Honouree #1: Dreya Mac

Honouree #1: Dreya Mac image
  • From the entrance of the game, face the red carpet, then turn right and run down the street.
  • Dreya Mac, Honouree #1, is standing against a grey wall under a giant letter C.

Honouree #2: Noah Beck

Honouree #2: Noah Beck image
  • Now run to the right and inside the building Honouree was just outside of.
  • Inside, on a raised area in the back left, you'll find Noah Beck, Honouree #2.

Honouree #3: David Voo

  • When you leave the store, continue straight forward.
  • Standing against a two pillars you'll find, Honouree #3, David Voo.
Honouree #3: David Voo image

Honouree #4: Tracy Joseph

Honouree #4: Tracy Joseph image

Honouree #5: Walker Hayes

Honouree #5: Walker Hayes image
  • Go back the way you came and run past the selfie station.
  • Find the rocket shoes on some docks on the river. Now look across the river from the rocket shoe docks and you'll see Walker Hayes, Honouree #5.

Honouree #6: J

Honouree #6: J  image
  • Now turn around and up the rainbow stairs that lead up to the rollercoaster
  • Continue up the grey stairs to the rollercoaster.
  • After the second fight of grey stairs you'll find Honouree #6, J.

Honouree #7: Juucy J

Honouree #7: Juucy J  image
  • Go back down all the grey stairs, but when you get to the rainbow stairs turn left.
  • Continue past the display booth where you found Coin #24.
  • Go through a white doorway and continue straight onto a balcony where you'll find Juucy J, Honouree #7.

Honouree #8: Cost N' Mayor

Honouree #8: Cost N' Mayor image
  • Continue on the balcony as it curves around to the left.
  • Jump up the stairs and run through a tunnel covered in leaves. (This is also where you find Coin #22)
  • Turn left out the other end of the tunnel and right around the corner on the right you'll find Honouree #8, Cost N' Mayor.

Honouree Location #9: Vano 3000

Honouree Location #9: Vano 3000 image
  • Continue around the rooftop of the building, past the robot, and find Honouree #9, Vano 3000.

Honouree #10: GAYLE

Honouree #10: GAYLE image
  • Go to the front of the store where you found Honouree #2.
  • Facing the store, turn right and jump on the bouncy button nearby to get onto the store's roof.
  • Now find another bouncy button on the rooftop and bounce on it.
  • You'll see there are several bouncy buttons nearby to bounce on and make it onto the rooftop of the higher, nearby building.
  • Once you're on the roof, head to the opposite side of the building from where the bouncy button was and jump off onto a slightly lower level of the rooftop.
  • Hidden under an awning on the right side, you'll find the final Honouree, GAYLE.
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