Last Updated: April 30, 2022
How to Find All 25 Coins in the Song Breaker Awards Event image

How to Find All 25 Coins in the Song Breaker Awards Event

And get the (Gold) Pop Keys Hat - Logitech for FREE!

April 26th, 2022

In order to get the FREE (Gold) Pop Keys Hat - Logitech, all you have to do is find all 25 coins hidden around the map in the Song Breaker Awards event. See below for step-by-step instructions on how to find them all.

Game Link: Logitech Song Breaker Awards

Coin #1

Coin #1 image
  • From the entrance of the game, turn right toward the red carpet.
  • In between the two performers you'll find Coin #1.

Coin #2

Coin #2 image
  • Turn back around the other direction toward the area with water and colorful flowers.
  • Jump past the yellow center with the verticle lasers.
  • You'll see Coin #2 to the left next to a pink arrow that's pointing upwards.

Coin #3

Coin #3 image
  • Jump on the pink button right next to Coin #2. It will make you bounce really high.
  • Bounce to the left onto the red/orange rooftap.
  • Once on the roof, turn left again and walk onto the blue rooftop.
  • Walk to the corner and find Coin #3 floating above a lamp post.

Coin #4

Coin #4 image
  • Now turn around and enter the building you just jumped off of.
  • Find Coin #4 toward the back of the shop.

Coin #5

Coin #5 image
  • From the shop turn left again and go past the button you jumped on to get Coin #3.
  • If you keep running that direction you'll end up at a place that says, "Selfie XL".
  • Find Coin #5 right in front of the selfie station.

Note: If you take a selfie here you will also get the free (Gold) Logitech StreamCam!

Coin #6

Coin #6 image
  • Leave the selfie station you went to in order to unlock the Logitech StreamCam, and immediately turn left. You'll see "Lizzo" in pink letters.
  • Head toward the Lizzo letters but before you get to it turn left onto the rainbow escalator.
  • Continue up the grey stairs slightly to your right.
  • You'll find Coin 6 as you head up the stairs.

Coins #7 and #8

Coins #7 and #8 image
  • Keep going up the stairs. You'll see yellow letters that say, "Rollercoaster" with arrows. This means you're going the right away.
  • When you reach the top you'll see a red track for the rollercoast. If you're luck the rollercoaster will be there, but if not just wait until it arrives. This may take a few minutes. Make sure you wait right at the top of the stairs so you don't miss it!
  • Once the rollercoaster arrives, interact with it to hop on.
  • You'll get Coins #7 and #8 while riding the rollercoaster.

Note: When you ride the rollercoaster you will also get the free (Gold) Litra Glow Wingsuit!

Coin 9

Coin 9 image
  • Head back down to the selfie station and this time go to the other side (so if you're facing the selfie station, turn left).
  • On your right you'll see a building called The Golden Arcade.
  • Inside The Golden Arcade you'll find Coin #9.

Coin #10

Coin #10 image
  • From The Golden Arcade, turn right and head into a crazy looking blue striped tunnel.
  • On the other side of the tunnel, turn left.
  • Go straight and you'll find Coin #10 just past the waterfall.

Coin #11

Coin #11 image
  • Head back up through the blue striped tunnel.
  • Go back across the rainbow river and turn left until you see a white and blue round building that says, "Logitech Creator Society".
  • Get on the rotating seating area and run around to the back side of the building where you'll find Coin #11.


Coin#12 image
  • Go back around to the side of the building that faces the road.
  • To the ride there are some blue bushes. Find Coin #12 in one of those blue bushes.

Coin #13

Coin #13 image
  • Go back to the right of the selfie station where you went up the stairs to get to the rollercoaster.
  • Instead of going up the stairs, turn right and you'll find little docking bays on the river.
  • Go on one of those bays to get rocket shoes. This will make it much easier to get a lot of the coins. Note: If there are no glowing rocket shoes on any of the three docks, just wait a few minutes and some will appear.
  • Start by heading back to the orange/pink striped rooftop you want on to get to Coin #3.
  • On the far side of the rooftop you'll see Coin #13.

Coin #14

Coin #14 image
  • Next go up and to the right, on top of the building with a purple triangle on the top of it.
  • On that rooftop you'll find Coin #14.

Coin #15

Coin #15 image
  • Immediately turn left and look down.
  • You'll find Coin #15 floating above a palm tree.

Coin #16

Coin #16 image
  • Fly down to the base of the palm tree.
  • Floating above a pool nearby you'll find Coin #16.

Coin #17

Coin #17 image
  • Now face the building and go around it to the right, past the palm tree you just came down on.
  • Turn left around the building and go inside on the bottom floor, just to the right of the bright pink corner. Note: It may be tricky to get in the building with your rocket shoes on. Hop off of them if you need to.
  • You'll find Coin #17 instide this building on the bottom floor.

Coin #18

Coin #18 image
  • Fly back up high and turn around toward the center of town.
  • Head straight across the top of town to a circular building right next to a floating purple amp.
  • On top of that building you'll foind Coin #18.

Coin #19

Coin #19 image
  • Turn left and look for the rollercoaster building.
  • Find Coin #19 just to the right of the giant rollercoaster display.

Coin #20

Coin #20 image
  • Go straight up and look around until you see a little floating island with two palm trees.
  • On that island you'll find Coin #20.

Coin #21

Coin #21 image
  • Turn back toward the center of town and find a round building with purple edges and a robot on the roof.
  • You'll see Coin #21 right in front of the robot.

Coin #22

Coin #22 image
  • Go around the top of the building rooftop on it until you find a tunnel covered in leaves.
  • Find Coin #22 in that tunnel. Note: It may be a little tricky to go through this tunnel with the rocket shoes. You can always hop off of them and hop back on, or get a new pair because the rocket booster docking area is right nearby.

Coin #23

Coin #23 image
  • Go back to the place where you goet the rocket shoes and hop in the river.
  • Coin #23 is under the bouncy buttons in the water of the rainbow river. Note: You will have to actually dive under the water for this but the picture is showing the surface of the water so you know where the coin is under.

Coin #24

Coin #24 image
  • Go back to the rainbow staircase you went up to get to the rollercoaster.
  • This time don't continue up the grey staircase. Instead, turn right and go in the little display alcove.
  • Hidden behind display items you'll find Coin #24.

Coin #25

Coin #25 image
  • Go get another pair of rocket shoes and fly straight up to the very top of the building with the robot on it.
  • At the top you'll find a laptop. It will be closed at first in which case it will look like a black spatula (see picture). When you get close, it will open up.
  • Interact with the laptop by using the same button you used to put on the rocket shoes.
  • Once you interact with it, you will get Coin #25!

Once you get the last coin, you'll automatically get a badge and the (Gold) Pop Keys Hat - Logitech will appear in your inventory.

(GOLD) POP Keys Hat - Logitech image
(GOLD) POP Keys Hat - Logitech
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