Last Updated: August 01, 2022
New FREE Item in My Hello Kitty Cafe image

New FREE Item in My Hello Kitty Cafe

Learn how to get the Hello Kitty® Backpack!

July 30th, 2022

There's another free item from My Hello Kitty Cafe: The Hello Kitty® Backpack! If you've gotten the previous ones, this one will be easy!

Game Link: My Hello Kitty Cafe

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How to Get the Hello Kitty® Backpack

All you need to do to get the Hello Kitty® Backpack is reach Level 25 in the game. If you're not sure how to do this, check out our other articles on this game, linked above.

As soon as you reach Level 25, you'll immediately receive the Level 25! badge and be able to find the Hello Kitty® Backpack in your avatar inventory.

Hello Kitty® Backpack image
Hello Kitty® Backpack
Accessory | Back
Get this Hello Kitty backpack for free when your Hello Kitty Cafe reaches level 25! *Free until Sep 30th
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