Last Updated: July 21, 2022
How to Get the Telekom 5G Jet Helmet in Beatland on Roblox image

How to Get the Telekom 5G Jet Helmet in Beatland on Roblox

Complete the Scavenger Hunt to get this free item!

July 20th, 2022

There's a new item available on Beatland: The Telekom 5G Jet Helmet! Learn how to get it below! Also, if you haven't already, be sure to check out our other article on How to Get Two FREE Items in Beatland on Roblox. Hurry before they expire!

Game Link: Beatland

How to Get the Telekom 5G Jet Helmet

In order to get the Telekom 5G Jet Helmet you'll have to complete a Scavenber Hunt by collecting all 25 Helmets. We'll show you all of the locations below!

Helmet Location 1

Helmet Location 1 image
  • Start in the Tower Obby. If you've already completed it you'll need to run to the right side of the final room and press the rest button so you can start back at the beginning.
  • Go through the Tower Obby from the beginning (for some hints on completing the Tower Obby successfully, check out our other Beatland Article.
  • Just past the part with the ball hanging from a red lazer chain, you'll have an option of two ways to go. The way to progress is to jump on the music notes. However...
  • If you choose the incorrect way, you'll find Helmet 1.

Helmet Location 2

Helmet Location 2 image
  • Continue through the obby until you get to a conveyor belt with lazers going back and forth.
  • There will be a fork in the path. Choose the way to the right.
  • On the blue pipe you'll find Helmet 2.

Helmet Location 3

Helmet Location 3 image
  • Continue along the blue pipe which will turn you to the left as it goes up the wall.
  • Above the moving grey platform you'll find Helmet 3.

Helmet Location 4

Helmet Location 4 image
  • Jump across to the orange pipe.
  • Follow the orange pipe to an area with some platforms over a lazer bed.
  • Jump across the platforms to reach Helmet 4.

Helmet Location 5

Helmet Location 5 image
  • Go back to the blue pipe and follow it to the right.
  • Continue up the obby until you get to a green platform with red lazers going across.
  • After jumping over the red lazers, climb down the grey ladder to find Helmet 5 on a green platform below.

Helmet Location 6

Helmet Location 6 image
  • Climb back up and continue on the other side of the green platform with the lazers.
  • Climb up the ladder, then turn around and you'll see Helmet 6.

Helmet Location 7

Helmet Location 7 image
  • Continue through the obby as usual.
  • After you get through the yellow pipe with lazers inside you'll see a giant record with Helmet 7 on it.

Helmet Location 8

Helmet Location 8 image
  • Continue up the obby until you get to a purple-ish platform with several pink pumps on it.
  • Follow the left-most pipe as it goes off the edge of the platform.
  • As the pipe spirals around under the platform you'll find Helmet 8.

Helmet Location 9

Helmet Location 9 image
  • Continue on and soon you'll find Helmet 9 on a pink pipe.

Helmet Location 10

Helmet Location 10 image
  • Make your way farther up the obby to the sideways piano keys.
  • Once you cross the second set of keys, turn around and jump up the black keys that are moving in and out until you reach the other end where you'll find Helmet 10.

Helmet Location 11

Helmet Location 11 image
  • From the previous helmet location, jump again to the nearby green platform.
  • You'll find a lazer puzzle area with Helmet 11 to one side.
  • Pay attention to where the lazer squares are--They will get you even when they're not red. You'll need to jump across the non-lazer squares.

Helmet Location 12

Helmet Location 12 image
  • Continue until you get to a section with a bunch of colorful pillars.
  • After passing the pillars at the bottom, run along the ramps on top of the pillars to reach Helmet 12.

Helmet Location 13

Helmet Location 13 image
  • Continue until you get to some green pipes.
  • In between the green pipes are pink pipes. You'll need to jump across the pink pipes to get to Helmet 13.

Helmet Location 14

Helmet Location 14 image
  • Continue to the upper section with lava and moving platforms.
  • You'll find a platform that moves to the left to Helmet 14.

Helmet Location 15

Helmet Location 15 image
  • Continue on until you jump up onto a new, higher floor.
  • Do NOT jump onto the black conveyor belt with lasers. Instead, find a floating platform to the left.
  • Jump across the other floating platforms until you get Helmet 15.

Helmet Location 16

Helmet Location 16 image
  • Around the next corner you'll see another section with black ground and lasers.
  • You'll have an option to take a left, or run through a laser room straight ahead.
  • Helmet 16 is in that laser room.

Helmet Location 17

Helmet Location 17 image
  • Complete the obby to the top floor where you get the Telecom 5G Jetpack.
  • Equip your jetpack and fly straight off of the platform.
  • Straight ahead you'll find Helmet 17.

Helmet Location 18

Helmet Location 18 image
  • Now fly down into the big pink circle to teleport back into the regular world of the game where the rest of the helmets will be found.
  • Helmet 18 is floating above some strange abstract floating objects, right above where you spawn.

Helmet Location 19 & 20

Helmet Location 19 & 20 image
  • BONUS: This helmet counts as two!
  • Fly up into the air and turn around until you see the hospital (a building with a bright yellow cross on the top).
  • Fly to the black rooftop just to the left of the hospital.
  • Face away from the hospital and behind the tall building you'll see Helmet 19 & 20.

Helmet Location 21

Helmet Location 21 image
  • Fly up in the air again and turn until you see the middle area where you originally spawned.
  • Fly in that direction, over the middle area, and toward a tall building with a circular opening in it.
  • Inside the circular opening you'll find Helmet 21.

Helmet Location 22

Helmet Location 22 image
  • Turn back to exit the circle the way you came in.
  • When you exit, turn right and fly toward a tall, blue building.
  • To the left of the tall, blue building, in between some other buildings, you'll find Helmet 22.

Helmet Location 23

Helmet Location 23 image
  • Fly back to the center area and this time land there.
  • Remove your jetpack.
  • Enter the pink and grey building that says, "T electronic beats".
  • Run straight to the back where you'll find a dance floor with a stage and a DJ.
  • Behind the DJ you'll find Helmet 23.

Helmet Location 24

Helmet Location 24 image
  • Exit the building, back into the center area.
  • Enter the green and grey building with the giant purple creature sitting on top that says, "Cinema".
  • Run to the back, then turn right.
  • Go up the curvy staircase.
  • Right at the top of the stairs, turn right and go up another flight of curvy stairs.
  • Off the edge of the center platform, floating over a giant thing of popcorn you'll find Helmet 24.

Helmet Location 25

Helmet Location 25 image
  • Exit the cinema and head back to the center area of town one more time.
  • Enter the building with a giant pink "T" on it.
  • Head straight to the back of the store and you'll find Helmet 25.

As soon as you get the 25th Helmet you'll receive the Telekom 5G Jet Helmet badge and you'll be able to find the Telekom 5G Jet Helmet in your avatar inventory.

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