Last Updated: February 05, 2023
How to Get Two FREE Items in Spotify Island on Roblox image

How to Get Two FREE Items in Spotify Island on Roblox

There are two more FREE items available in Spotify Island!

September 24th, 2022

Spotify Island has a couple of new updates, which includes a couple of new items--The Screenshot Patchwork Session Hat and the Spaceglasses. Both are pretty difficult to get but if you want them, you can learn how to get them in this article.

Game Link: Spotify Island

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How to Get the Screenshot Patchwork Session Hat

How to Get the Screenshot Patchwork Session Hat image

Getting the Screenshot Patchwork Session Hat is definitely challenging and may take you a little bit of time. However, if you really want it read below to learn how.

NOTE: As of this writing, there seems to be a few bugs that just make it even harder to get this item. For example, players are finding it impossible to access the 15th level at all. It's still possible to get the item, but is even more difficult.

Clck Here for a Video Guide

Follow These Steps to Get the Screenshot Patchwork Session Hat:

  1. When you enter the game, turn around until you see the bridge to the Speed Levels, pictured above.
  2. Each time you complete a speed run level you'll earn between 1 and 3 Speed Stars, depending on how quickly you made it through the level. You will need to earn 40 Speed Stars in order to unlock the item.
  3. In order to do this you'll need to get all but 5 stars. If you're able to access level 15 then the easiest way to do this is get 3 stars in all but 5 of the levels, and get 2 stars in those other 5.
  4. Some of the levels have multiple possible routes so you will need to figure out which route is fastest for you. You can use the above video for ideas.

Once you earn 40 Speed Stars you'll immediately receive the badge and be able to find the Screenshot Patchwork Session Hat in your avatar inventory.

How to Get the Spaceglasses

How to Get the Spaceglasses image

There are several steps to getting the Spaceglasses, but it's pretty easy. See below for step-by-step instructions.

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Follow These Steps to Get the Spaceglasses:

  1. When you enter the game, run across the bridge that says World Portals.
  2. Enter the portal that says, Planet Hip-Hop, pictured above.
  3. From the entrance, jump down the hole in the middle of the platform.
  4. Turn around until you see a green portal on the ground that looks different from other portals.
  5. Go through the green portal.
  6. Look for stairs in the middle of the map and go up them.
  7. When you reach the top of the stairs you'll meet an NPC. Talk to her.
  8. Keep talking to the NPC until she tells you to find her alligators. 6 of these alligators are somewhere in the current map and the other 4 are in the main Planet Hip-Hop map.

Alligator 1

Alligator 1 image
  1. Find the first alligator just behind the NPC, on the left.

Alligator 2

Alligator 2 image
  1. Exit the NPC's room and jump on the first tree to the left right outside the door.
  2. Head to the left on that tree and find the 2nd alligator on top of a high bush.

Alligator 3

Alligator 3 image
  1. Get back on that same tree you jumped on from outside the NPC's house.
  2. This time go to the right and find alligator 3 on a high terrace.

Alligator 4

Alligator 4 image
  1. Go to the green portal that's against one wall of the map, but don't go through it.
  2. Facing the portal, turn right and follow the river into a corner where you'll find alligator 4.

Alligator 5

Alligator 5 image
  1. Walk up the nearby stairs to a platform where you'll find a pool.
  2. Swim in the pool to get the 5th alligator.

Alligator 6

Alligator 6 image
  1. Follow the river toward the other side of the map, away from the green portal.
  2. Walk through a small opening in between two buildings and find alligator 6.

Alligator 7

Alligator 7 image
  1. Go through the green portal to head back to the main Planet Hip-Hop area.
  2. Jump off the starting platform somewhere where you'll land on the higher road, not the ground floor.
  3. Walk around at this level until you reach a dead end where you'll find alligator 7.

Alligator 8

Alligator 8 image
  1. Jump down to the ground floor and go back to that green portal you went through before.
  2. Next to the green portal you'll find alligator 8.

Alligator 9

Alligator 9 image
  1. Go to the outer edge of the ground floor and walk around until you find a building that says, Garage.
  2. Go behind that building to find alligator 9.

Alligator 10

Alligator 10 image
  1. Find the giant red roadway that goes around the outside of the map. From certain areas you can jump onto it.
  2. Once you're on the red roadway, make your way around it until you find alligator 10.
  3. Once you find all 10 alligators, go back to the NPC through the green portal.
  4. Talk to the NPC a bunch again.

Once you talk to the NPC enough times you'll receive the Spaceglasses badge and you'll be able to find the Spaceglasses in your avatar inventory.

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