Last Updated: August 05, 2021
Free Mech Wings item exclusively for IOS image

Free Mech Wings item exclusively for IOS

How to get the FREE Mech Wings

August 4th, 2021

This free new Avatar item exclusively on the IOS app. (iPhone/iPad).

This accessory item will only be available until August 18, 2021.

In order to claim this item you will need to go into the Roblox app (free to download) here.

Android users possible work around - You can also get this item for free if you log into your Roblox account on someone else's iPhone/iPad. On an iPhone/iPad -

  1. Go into the Roblox app.
  2. Log into your account.
  3. Go to the Mech Wings catalog page from within the IOS app and click "Get" on the Mech Wings.
  4. Mech Wings will then be in your Avatar's inventory!
  5. Log back into your Roblox account on your Android or computer - you will now be able to wear this item!
Mech Wings image
Mech Wings
Accessory | Back
* Blast off into the summer with these limited-time mech wings! Available exclusively for iOS until August 18, 2021. *
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