Last Updated: December 18, 2022
How to Get the Funky Friday Badge for RB Battles Season 3 image

How to Get the Funky Friday Badge for RB Battles Season 3

If you're good at obbys, this will be a breeze!

December 9th, 2022

In order to win the highly coveted Winner's Wings 2.0 you'll need to complete all 12 challenges and get the corresponding badges.

One of the badges for the RB Battles Season 3 event can be earned in Super Golf. Read this article to learn how!

Game Link: funky Friday

In order to get this badge, you'll need to find the event obby, complete the obby, then complete a dance challenge.

Follow These Steps:

Find the Obby

Find the Obby image

To find the obby, all you need to do is find the glowing cubes, like those pictured above. Follow them to see where to go on the obby, or you can follow this video guide.

Complete the Obby

Complete the Obby image

The obby is not terribly long but it is somewhat unforgiving. If you fall, you may have to start all over.

Luckily it is not timed, so take your time and jump true. If you do fall, sometimes you might land on an invisible floor, rather than going all the way to the ground. If this happens, try to jump on a nearby platform before you fall!

Once you complete this challenge, be sure to check that you've completed all of the others on our RB Battles Info Page.

Enter the Song Challenge

Enter the Song Challenge image

At the end of the obby you'll find a stage. Step on the stage and wait until the song begins.

The song will be on Hard setting, and it will be hard! You don't need to get a great score, but you can't get a terrible score either.

Luckily if you don't do well enough, you can keep playing the song until you do. You will not have to complete the obby over again unless you leave the server.

Once you complete the song with a high enough score, you'll immediately receive the RB Battles Challenge badge and be one step closer to earning your Winner's Wings 2.0!

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