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How to Get Two FREE Items in PacSun Los Angeles Tycoon image

How to Get Two FREE Items in PacSun Los Angeles Tycoon

Get the Pacsun DTLA Varsity Jacket and the Pacsun Aura for FREE!

February 16th, 2023

Two cool FREE items are available in PacSun Los Angeles Tycoon: The Pacsun DTLA Varsity Jacket and the Pacsun Aura. These are easy to get but it will take some time so put on a show and read on to learn how to get these sweet items!

Game Link: PacSun Los Angeles Tycoon

Follow These Steps:

1. Get Started

1. Get Started image

When you start the game, find the yellow button next to the Empty Plot sign to get started. Then follow the arrows and instructions to step on the buttons and build up the city. Also if you have to log out for some reason you can press this button when you join again and all your progress will reappear.

2. Enter Promo Codes

2. Enter Promo Codes image

Things will go pretty quickly at first so you won't need the promo codes. Eventually you won't always have enough cash to press on the buttons and will have to wait for money to accrue. To speed things up you can click on the little ticket icon on the right side of the screen and enter some promo codes. They are:

  • RIDE
  • RICH
  • STAR

3. Follow the Coins

3. Follow the Coins image

In a few places you'll see coins. Three of them will create obbys with special bonuses at the end. There are three of them, each with a specific bonus. Here's the list of the obbys and their bonuses:

  • Gallery Obby - Walking Speed Bonus
  • Santee Alley Obby - 15 Minutes Double Income
  • Beach Obby - 30,000 Coins

4. Build The Pier

4. Build The Pier image

Keep building until you complete the pier. At that point a man with an exclamation point above his head will appear. Interact with him.

5. Collect the Map Pieces

5. Collect the Map Pieces image

When you interact with the exclamation point guy he'll offer you a quest to collect the four map pieces and show you the location of the first one. It's on the rollercoaster track.

Map Piece 1

Map Piece  1 image

To get the first map piece you'll need to go to the ticket booth, pictured above, and buy a ticket to ride the roller coaster.

Map Piece 2

Map Piece 2 image

Next find another guy with an exclamation point above his head, who will show you where the next map piece is. This time the map piece is at the top of the ferris wheel. You don't need to buy a ticket, just hop on one of the ferris wheel boxes and ride it to the top.

Map Piece 3

Map Piece 3 image

Find the third guy with the exclamation point next to the Beach Obby. He'll show you that the map piece is at the top of the bank. Go up the wooden ramp to the right, following the coins until you reach the rooftop.

Map Piece 4

Map Piece 4 image

The final guy with the exclamation mark is on the other end of the beach. He'll show you that the map is inside one of the buildings. It's inside the building right behind him.

6. Find the Hidden Secret

6. Find the Hidden Secret image

Head all the way back down to the other side of the beach where you'll find a new button with an exclamation point. Step on the button and a rock will appear in the water with another button. Keep stepping on rocks and buttons until you reach an island. Inside a cave on the island you'll see a treasure chest.

When you interact with the treasure chest you'll immediately receive the A hidden secret badge and find the Pacsun DTLA Varsity Jacket in your avatar inventory.

7. Complete the Tycoon

7. Complete the Tycoon image

Continue working on the tycoon. The last section looks like the building above. When it's done, go inside.

8. Collect Celebrity Signatures

8. Collect Celebrity Signatures image

Inside the building you'll find a man in sunglasses who will only talk to you if you're famous. To prove it you'll have to get signatures from four celebrities nearby.

Celebrity 1

Celebrity 1 image

The first celebrity is right outside the door on the side.

Celebrity 2

Celebrity 2 image

The next celebrity is sitting at a table to the right of the building.

Celebrity 3

Celebrity 3 image

The next celebrity is up the stairs to the left of the building.

Celebrity 4

Celebrity 4 image

The final celebrity is across the plaza from the building.

Once you get the last signature, go back and speak to the man in sunglasses inside the building. Once you do this you'll immediately receive the Paparazzi badge and find the Pacsun Aura in your avatar inventory.

Pacsun Aura image
Pacsun Aura
Defined by cool blue and yellow hues. The PacSun Aura makes it easy to put your vibe on display.
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