Last Updated: December 14, 2022
Bakugan Launch Party - Free Shoulder Accessory and More! image

Bakugan Launch Party - Free Shoulder Accessory and More!

Join the Official Bakugan Launch Party to receive the Drago Companion for your Avatar

September 6th, 2021

Welcome to the Bakugan Launch Party! Enjoy in-game reward items like a free Dan Kouzo avatar and customizable CUBBO pet. Daily merchandise can also be purchased at the merch store in-game.

Just for entering the game you receive a FREE Drago Companion shoulder accessory for your Avatar!

Beginning September 8th at 3pm EST you can watch an exclusive brand new episode of Bakugan Geogan Rising - tuning in will reward you with a new CUBBO pet skin!

Enter the game HERE to begin!

How to equip the Dan Kouzo Avatar:

How to collect your customizable CUBBO pet:

Other mini-games that will reward you with additional CUBBO skins include:

Free Daily Reward items for your CUBBO!

Bakugan - Drago Companion image
Bakugan - Drago Companion
Accessory | Shoulder
Your small sized Dragonoid companion to join you as you explore the wonders of the Roblox Bakugan universe.
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