Last Updated: December 30, 2021
Free IOS exclusive New Year Tiger Hat image

Free IOS exclusive New Year Tiger Hat

How to get the item if you aren't on IOS

December 30th, 2021

This free new Avatar item exclusively on the IOS app. (iPhone/iPad).

This accessory item will only be available from January 1 to January 5, 2022.

In order to claim this item you will need to go into the Roblox app (free to download) here.

No IOS device possible work around - Follow the steps in this video to get the items without an IOS device.

You can also get this item for free if you log into your Roblox account on someone else's iPhone/iPad.

How do I redeem the free items?

Click on the items below. It will take you to the Roblox catalog page for that item. Once on the Roblox catalog page click the green "Get" button. This will add the item to your inventory and the item will be available in the Avatar editor.

New Year Tiger image
New Year Tiger
Accessory | Hat
It’s the year of the tiger! May you have a prosperous and healthy 2022! * LIMITED TIME ONLY (1/1/21 - 1/5/21): Celebrate the new year in style with this free, iOS-exclusive item. *
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