Last Updated: December 14, 2022
FREE Roblox Classic Cap in Roblox Community Space image

FREE Roblox Classic Cap in Roblox Community Space

Roblox Community Space Event - Guide for getting the free Roblox Classic Cap!

September 2nd, 2021

Come check out the Roblox Community Space! Hang out and socialize, meet new Robloxians, and participate in some fun activities by Roblox.

Below is a quick tutorial for how to get the Roblox Classic Cap in 3 easy steps!

Once you log into the game HERE, you will then see a pop-up that will show you the list of tasks (only 3) that need to be completed in order to receive the Roblox Classic Cap.

"Put up some artwork": Go over to the art wall that looks like a large chalkboard. Scroll through the art pieces and place 2 onto the board. Done!

"Visit the games area": Go into the large white building with the white columns near the entrance. Choose any activity in there to complete. Right when you walk in there is a fun name guessing game. Once you complete this game (or any other game inside the games area) you are good to go!

"Take a photo": Outside there will be a photo booth against the wall. Simply go up to it and click the camera icon to take a photo of yourself. Once the photo is taken, you are free to close the window (as shown below) to leave.

All finished! When you exit the game the Roblox Classic Cap will now be in your Avatar's inventory to wear.

Roblox Classic Cap image
Roblox Classic Cap
Accessory | Hat
Exclusive item given to all visitors to the Roblox Headquarters, thanks for being part of our community!
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