Last Updated: May 20, 2022
Get FREE Items in Clarks' Cicaverse Event image

Get FREE Items in Clarks' Cicaverse Event

Learn how to get all the free items!

May 16th, 2022

The Clark's Cicaverse event has five FREE items, and may have even more later! Read on to learn how to get these items.

Game Linke: Clarks' CICAVERSE


How to Get the Lion Head Helmet

How to Get the Lion Head Helmet image

The Lion Head Helmet is extremely easy to get, but will take you 15 minutes. However, you don't need to do anything in particular.

All you have to do is play the Clarks' CICAVERSE for at least 15 minutes, which you will easily do by completing the other challenges below. Once you've been on for 15 minutes, you'll earn the Welcome to Clarks badge and the Lion Head Helmet will appear in your inventory.

How to Get the Shoebox Backpack

How to Get the Shoebox Backpack image

Getting the Shoebox Backpack is easy and should take around 5-10 minutes of your time. Just follow the instructions below! Note: There are 3 golden shoes on this course, but as far as we can tell you won't get anything for collecting them.


  • From the entrance of the game, head to the BMX Race area, as seen in the picture above.
  • Interact with the area to enter the race.
  • Feel free to choose any type of race you want, but Quick Start will be the fastest and easiest.
  • Complete the race (3 laps) 5 times and you'll receive the BMX Enthusiast badge. At this point the Shoebox Backpack will also appear in your inventory.

How to Get the Cica Gold Jetpack

How to Get the Cica Gold Jetpack image

With just a little bit of skill you'll be able to earn the Cica Gold Jetpack extremely quickly. Even if you're not so skilled, you should still have a fairly easy time with this one. Just follow the instructions below.


  • Go to the area that says Breakdancing and interact with it to teleport to the breakdancing area.
  • In this game, arrows will move up the screen to their counterparts at the top. Your goal is to hit the matching arrow on your keyboard right when the arrows meet their counterparts.
  • You will get ratings like "Good," "Awesome," etc. depending on your timing. Your goal is to get 20 "Perfects."
  • Once you get 20 "Perfects" you will immediately receive the Fancy Feet badge and the Cica Gold Jetpack will appear in your inventory.

Note: If you get too many "Miss" ratings you will be kicked out of the Breakdancing game. Simply rejoin and keep trying into you get enough of those "Perfect"s!

How to Get the Desert Boot Headphones

How to Get the Desert Boot Headphones image

Depending on your skill level, the Desert Boot Headphones may be a little bit difficult to get. In order to earn this badge and free item you will need to complete the Parkour game in under 90 seconds. If you're finding this difficult, here are a few tips:

  • Go to your Avatar page in Roblox and go to Body > Scale. Move all sliders all the way to the left. Also find the Body Type slider under your avater picture and move that to zero.
  • Play through the course a few times and memorize where you need to go. Sometimes there are extra platforms or areas that are just distractions from the direction you're supposed to go.
  • There are three sections you'll have to complete. In order to complete the entire course in time you'll need to take around 30 seconds or less in each section.
  • To easily latch onto and climb the golden rails, make sure you let go of jump and hold in the direction of the rail to latch on.
  • Falling on glowing red areas will start you at the beginning of that section.
  • If you fall and need to start a section over, you probably won't complete it in time. You can either use that run to memorize the later sections of the course or just exit the game and start again from the very beginning.

Once you've completed the Parkour course in under 90 sections you will receive the Parkour Master badge and the Desert Boot Headphones will appear in your inventory.

How to Get the Clarks Shoelace Wings

How to Get the Clarks Shoelace Wings image

Getting the Clarks Shoelace Wings is a little bit grindy and will take you some time. Luckily, you'll be working toward it while completing the tasks to earn the other items in this game.

Basically you need to get to level 10 in the game. That means you need to earn about 10,000 points by participating in the various game events.

As we said before, you will get some of these points by doing the tasks described above, but this won't be enough. Once you've completed everything you will need to grind for a while to get the remaining points required.

Feel free to play whatever games that are fun for you in order to do this, but the fastest way is probably the BMX Race. The race should take you around 1 minute to complete each time and will give you around 1,000 points.

Once you've reached level 10 you'll receive the Cicaverse Champion badge and the Clarks Shoelace Wings will appear in your inventory.

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