Last Updated: April 08, 2022
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How to Get FREE Items in Chipotle Burrito Builder on Roblox!

In less than 30 minutes you can earn 7 FREE items for your avatar!

April 7th, 2022

Chipotle is celebrating National Burrito Day by releasing all new content, including 7 FREE items! If you're really dedicated, you can even unlock free real-life burritos for a year by making it into the top 5 leaderboard any day between now and April 13th!

Read this guide to learn exactly how to unlock all of the free stuff!

CLICK HERE to get to the Chipotle Burrito Builder game.


How to Unlock FREE Items in Chipotle Burrito Builder

How to Unlock FREE Items in Chipotle Burrito Builder image

There are 7 FREE Items you can unlock by simply rolling burritos. Here is a list of how many burritos you must roll in order to earn them:

How to Build Chipotle Burritos

How to Build Chipotle Burritos image

Rolling burritos in Chipotle Burrito Builder is pretty simple, and gets easier the more you do it. To get started, follow these steps:

  1. When you arrive in the Chipotle Burrito Builder game, enter the Chipotle Mexican Grill nearby.
  2. Speak to the Chipotle employee standing to the left of the counter.
  3. The first time you do this, the employee will tell you a few extra things, but just click through until you have the option to click Play.
  4. In the Burrito Rolling game customers will show up and ask for one ingredient at a time. You must drag each ingredient onto the tortilla before the tortilla reaches the right side of the counter. HINT: Some of the ingredients look very similar. Just keep trying different ones until you guess correctly. Pay attention to the names and eventually you will start to learn where each ingredient is located.
  5. Once all ingredients have been added, fold the burrito by using the arrow keys. They're always the same order: Left, Right, Up.
  6. If you mess up, don't worry. The game will count total burritos rolled, not just burritos rolled in one session.
  7. Once you've rolled enough burritos you will be able to Claim your free items!

Make Sure You Collect Your Stuff!

Your free items will NOT be put automatically in your inventory. You must click on the Clothing button on the right side of the screen (outside of the burrito rolling part) and click Claim next to each item.

Make Sure You Collect Your Stuff! image

How to Complete the Delivery Side Quest

How to Complete the Delivery Side Quest image

The Burrito Delivery side quest does not appear to give free avatar items, but it does give you a badge and an in-game reward. Read on to learn how to complete this quest:

  1. Interact with the Pick-Up counter to the left of the main counter in the Chipotle Mexican Restaurant and click Play.
  2. Leave the restaurant and click on the Map button on the right side of the screen. You will see pictures of each house you need to deliver to.
  3. If you have any green or blue houses, run forward from outside the restaurant to visit the two houses on that side of the neighborhood first.
  4. If you're supposed to deliver at a house there will be a circular yellow area outside its front door. These can sometimes be difficult to see so be sure to look carefully.
  5. Once you've made any deliveries at those two separate houses, run around to the other side of the neighborhood where the majority of the houses are.
  6. If you search in an efficient way you should have plenty of time to make all of your deliveries before the time is up.
  7. Once you've completed all of your deliveries head back to the Chipotle Mexican Grill and talk to the employee there to get your reward.


  • If you complete this after you've already earned Burrito Bucks by rolling burritos you can purchase a Chipotle Burrito at the counter for a speed boost for 500 Burrito Bucks.
  • You can also purchase a hover skate board for 10,000 Burrito Bucks by clicking the Ride button on the right side of the screen.
Doodle Bandana image
Doodle Bandana
Accessory | Hat
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Pepper Choker
Accessory | Neck
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Spoon Shades
Accessory | Face
The real usage for spoons at Chipotle.
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Cheese Frosted Tips
Accessory | Hair
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Foil Fanny Pack
Accessory | Waist
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