Last Updated: March 25, 2023
How to Get the FREE Ay-Yo Dance Move on Roblox image

How to Get the FREE Ay-Yo Dance Move on Roblox

NCT 127 World is offering this new free item!

March 20th, 2023

NOTE: THIS ITEM IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE, SORRY! BUT there are still other items available. Learn about them in our article, How to Get Two FREE Items in the NCT 127 World Roblox Event!

NCT 127 World had a new free emote, the Ay-Yo Dance Move. Unfortunately it is no longer available after March 23rd.

Game Link: NCT 127 World

How to Get the Ay-Yo Dance Move in NCT 127 World

How to Get the Ay-Yo Dance Move in NCT 127 World image

In order to get the Ay-Yo Dance Move you need to find 9 specific NPCs found around the map.

Read below to find out where they are, or check out this video guide.

1. Haechan

1. Haechan image
  • From the entrance of the game, walk straight.
  • When you get to the edge of the buildings turn right to find Haechan standing next to the corner.

2. Yuta

2. Yuta image
  • From entrance of the game, head straight forward toward the stage.
  • Turn left to see Yuta against the wall to the left of the stage.

3. Johnny

3. Johnny image
  • From the entrance area, take your first right to head up a flight of stairs.
  • Follow the lanters to another flight of stairs, then another.
  • After reaching the top of the third flight of stairs, turn right and find Johnny standing in the corner.

4. Taeil

4. Taeil image
  • From Johnny's location, turn around to see a railing and a higher platform.
  • Jump on the railing, then jump to the higher platform to reach Taeil.

5. Doyoung

5. Doyoung image
  • From Taeil's location, turn left and walk off the edge of the building.
  • On another building slightly to the right you'll see Doyoung next to a giant, red hat.
  • Get to him by jumpking toward him from the edge of the building you're on, or you can go back the way you came, down one flight of stairs, and through an alleyway to reach him.

6. Taeyong

6. Taeyong image
  • Go back to Taeil's location.
  • Either run across the scaffolding or back across the pathway to find Taeyong on the building across the way.

7. Jungwoo

7. Jungwoo image
  • From Taeyong's location, run toward the side of the building that has lava. Across the lava you'll see Jungwoo.
  • Jump down onto a ledge next to the lava and run across to get to him.
  • If you fall onto the ledge below him, don't worry; There's a ladder you can climb up.

8. Jaehyun

8. Jaehyun image
  • From Jungwoo's location, turn left and head down the edge of the building.
  • On an edge across a gap you'll see Jaehyun. You can get to him by jumping across.
  • Don't worry, if you fall just turn to the right and there are stairs to get back up quickly.

9. Mark

9. Mark image
  • From Jungwoo's location, walk between the buildings to a pit of slime with purple platforms floating over it.
  • Hop across the platforms to the ledge on the left side.
  • Jump on the bouncer to bounce up to a higher platform area where you'll find Mark.

As soon as you talk to the 9th NPC you'll immediately receive the badge and the item.

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