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Last Updated: June 2023
SharkBite image

SharkBite Codes

All SharkBite Codes in an updated list. In SharkBite, you will be chosen to play either as a shark or survivor. As a survivor, you and your friends will use weapons to fight off the shark; or just avoid it at all costs! At the end of each round, you will obtain Shark Teeth that can be used to buy upgrades, such as boats, guns, and sharks.

How To Redeem SharkBite Codes

Click on the Twitter icon on the left. Enter code in the text field and click Redeem.

How to redeem SharkBite codes

If we listed a code wrong please let us know.

Codes are not case sensitive.

80 Shark TeethWorking7/17/22
200 Shark TeethWorking8/10/21
100 Shark TeethWorking6/29/21
50 Shark TeethWorking8/19/20
50 Shark TeethWorking8/19/20


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