Mansion of Wonder

Last Updated: June 29, 2021
Roblox Mansion of Wonder

Enter 4 codes to get 4 cosmetic items in Roblox

The Build It, Play It: Mansion of Wonder creator challenge is out now! Redeem 4 FREE items by entering the game and redeeming the following codes at the Swag Booth.

To earn rewards go to the Mansion of Wonder page and click the green button to start the challenge.

After loading into the game, walk over to the fox at the Swag Booth (he will be standing on a yellow circle). Talk to him to enter the codes.

Roblox Artist Backpack Accessory | Back image
Accessory | Back
Roblox Ghastly Aura Accessory | Waist image
Accessory | Waist
Roblox Ring of Flames Accessory | Waist image
Accessory | Waist
Roblox Tomes of the Magus Accessory | Shoulder image
Accessory | Shoulder
Roblox Head Slime Accessory | Hat image
Accessory | Hat
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