Island of Move

Last Updated: January 12, 2021
Roblox Island of Move

Enter 6 codes to get 6 cosmetic items in Roblox

In this tutorial you will learn how to make a game where players move in real life to level up. You can start the official tutorial here but it is not required to get the free cosmetic rewards.

To earn rewards go to the Island of Move page and click the green button to start the challenge.

After loading into the game talk to the robot in front of you and enter the codes.

Roblox Hustle Hat Accessory | Hat image
Accessory | Hat
Roblox Speedy Shades Accessory | Face image
Accessory | Face
Roblox Cardio Cans Accessory | Hat image
Accessory | Hat
Roblox Build It Backpack Accessory | Back image
Accessory | Back
Roblox Kinetic Staff Accessory | Back image
Accessory | Back
Roblox Crystalline Companion Accessory | Shoulder image
Accessory | Shoulder
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