Last Updated: July 06, 2022
Another FREE Nikeland Item image

Another FREE Nikeland Item

Learn how to get Nike Swoosh Sunglasses and Striker Shorts!

July 5th, 2022

In order to get these two new items in Nikeland, you will need to play the new update content, which is Football (a.k.a. Soccer in the US). Read below for more details.

Game Link: Nikeland

How to Get the Nike Swoosh Sunglasses and Striker Shorts in Nikeland

In order to get these items you will need to level up within the Football (Soccer) game in Nikeland.

Levels you need for items:

Follow these steps:

  • After entering the game, run forward and there should be a pop-up about the new football (soccer) content.
  • Wait a minute and it will teleport you to the football (soccer) field.
  • Run aroud and play the game. You will gain experience even if you don't win. Just keep playing and you will eventually level up.

Once you reach the appropriate level, you will receive the item!!

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